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Morris Moor

Where culture and commerce collides

Located on the former site of Melbourne’s Phillip Morris cigarette factory, Morris Moor is an innovative and energetic precinct of commerce, retail and dining. For the better part of a century the factory was one of the area’s biggest local employers. Today, its industrious spirit lives on, fuelling a modern hub for entrepreneurs, passionate professionals and big-dreaming brands determined to make their mark on the world.

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PLAYGROUND was briefed by Up Property to reimagine Morris Moor’s tone and expression as the precinct moved towards its next stage of development (broadening its amenity offering, F&B precinct and launching its next stage of exceptional commercial spaces).

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Morris Moor seeks tenants that reflect its diverse, innovative, social and creative character.It required a leasing brochure that captured these qualities in order to connect with the right kind of tenants.Capitalising on the brand’s existing suite of illustrations, PLAYGROUND turned them into a sticker series that added depth and flex to the brand. The stickers also invited the brochure’s reader to play and engage, sticking them wherever they wanted in the spirit of Morris Moor’s tagline: ‘Make it your own’.

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Thanks to the strength of Morris Moor’s brand and leasing brochure, the majority of F&B tenancies were leased. The brochure is used as a central piece of collateral in attracting powerhouse tenants to establish headquarters or offices at Morris Moor. In 2022/23, Morris Moor welcomed Funlab, new Australian headquarters for New Balance and multiple other brands creating their flagship store, space or office.