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Madigan Walsh


Madigan Walsh is an investment company built on the foundations of expert market knowledge and years of experience. The firm strives to be recognised as an industry leader, forging a reputation for integrity and consistent delivery of intelligent investment and strong results. PLAYGROUND was approached by Madigan Walsh to create the firm’s unique brand identity.

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Our work for Madigan Walsh needed to reflect the business’s values: sincerity, integrity and longevity. The firm’s founders sought to stand out from the sameness that plagues brands in the fields of private asset investment and management. We took that brief and ran with it.

PLAYGROUND explored a unique, sophisticated and somewhat abstract way to express the strength and stability of Madigan Walsh. We used clay as our muse (clay is the oldest known ceramic material on earth); it became a symbol of creativity, reliability, possibility and longevity. Clay is shaped first by vision, then by skill. Its characteristics served as the perfect visual metaphor for Madigan Walsh’s values and vision. By using this artistic source of inspiration, we steered well clear of cliched art direction and delivered a brand with depth and sincerity befitting its founders and their vision.

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