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Bennett's Lane

Reviving the Golden Era of Jazz

Bennetts Lane is a mixed-use tower in Melbourne’s CBD, inspired by the international ‘vertical village’ concept. The precinct offers seamless access and transition between commercial and co-working spaces, food and lifestyle options, and health and wellbeing activities.

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A collaboration between developers Pellicano and Perri Projects, Bennetts Lane required a strong visual identity and story. Our work needed to capture the precinct’s innovation, its vision to redefine modern work and play in Melbourne’s CBD, as well as the site’s strong jazz-themed heritage. In response, PLAYGROUND created a film that celebrated all this and more.

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The site’s heritage as the former host of world-renowned Bennetts Lane jazz club steered our concept. We sourced inspiration from jazz record sleeves, fused with Melbourne’s inimitable laneway aesthetic.

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The high-energy brand and film are now considered benchmarks in commercial real estate marketing.