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Fierce 3

A Fierce new frontiers of wine

​​Our collaboration with Lou Miranda Estate came at a pivotal point of transition for the winemaker. After decades at the helm of the family business, Lou Miranda had handed the reins to his three daughters. PLAYGROUND’s task was to create a new and unique sub-brand of Lou Miranda – a brand to carry a bold new line of wines that could complement the long-established brand, while presenting fresh energy that could entice and grow a new audience of wine drinkers. We named the brand Fierce III in subtle reference to the sisters’ new era of leadership.

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Fierce III needed to feel eminently connected to the Lou Miranda brand and story but also fresh and energetic. The client sought to connect with a new audience: women in their mid-30s buying a wine to drink with their friends in the moment. Accordingly, Fierce III’s creative needed to radiate appeal and excitement, enticing women to buy and share it, all while complementing Lou Miranda’s masterbrand.

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Our design needed to weave heritage and family through its story while maintaining a fresh, appealing and sophisticated aesthetic. In response, we created Fierce III’s series of six wine labels. We defined the brand’s new aesthetic with an insignia inspired by the windows of the vineyard’s main building blended with a contemporary take on the masterbrand’s Lion Rampant. These nods to existing Lou Miranda brand elements create a beautiful thread of consistency, heritage and family across the brand.

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Soon after the launch of Fierce III, the brand secured national distribution, which was a huge milestone for the client. The client also reports the brand has received overwhelmingly positive response in overseas markets. Fierce III consistently achieves scores of over 90 in Wine Showcase Magazine, testament to the appeal of its brand and product.