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Welcome to your Sanctuary

PLAYGROUND was tasked with creating a brand for GURNER™ Group’s ultra-luxury private club offering, Saint Haven. The brand demanded a unique level of luxury while holding strong appeal for health-conscious high performers. The brief demanded a deft blend of ultra-luxury, high-end design and health-focused sophistication. In addition to these factors, Saint Haven’s brand needed to encompass myriad offerings, without pigeon-holing itself into being perceived as ‘a gym’ or a ‘wellness retreat’.

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While the wellness industry is saturated, Saint Haven is the first of its kind. PLAYGROUND created a brand that cuts through the wellness noise to demonstrate how and why Saint Haven is different. The brand’s art direction celebrates strong, dynamic poses reminiscent of athletes and dancers. It favours black and white photography, championing the pursuit of ultimate health. Beautifully artistic yet anchored in health and vitality.

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Saint Haven needed to find its own aesthetic tone and voice to avoid being swallowed by the highly recognisable and clearly defined GURNER™ brand. It needed to embody GURNER™’s luxury and quality, to fit naturally into the health and wellness world, and to announce itself confidently as a world-first offering.

A highly anticipated launch, Saint Haven has been received with impressive enthusiasm. Exuding luxury and quality, the brand and its offering has connected immediately with its intended target audience. The client aimed for 1200 membership leads generated within the first month of launch – this target has been smashed, with 800 leads generated within three days of launch. Without any paid advertising, Saint Haven’s natural momentum generated 1,300 follows on Instagram within five days.

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