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Riverside rarity. Timeless luxury.

PLAYGROUND was briefed to create an impactful luxury brand and identity for Mirvac’s latest residential development. A 45-storey tower designed by Mirvac’s award-winning in-house architects, the building is regarded as the pièce de résistance in Mirvac’s highly awarded Yarra’s Edge precinct.

The building’s striking architecture is informed by uniquely cut diamonds, celebrating geometrically dramatic angles, reflective materials and ultimate luxury. Following the architecture’s lead, we named the building Trielle, a form of equilateral triangle-cut diamond with 50 facets.

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Trielle is a sparkling jewel set to redefine Melbourne’s north-facing riverbank. Our brand story celebrates rarity and focuses on the theme of ‘time’ – life’s most precious, irreplaceable and highly valued commodity. Weaving this story of beauty, rarity and timelessness through the visual language, an abstract diamond motif runs through the graphic design, while ensuring the theme never becomes overbearing or cliche. A custom type was created to subtly reference the cut of a diamond.

Our team was rapt to be told by Mirvac that Trielle’s stunning brochure is the best they’ve ever produced. It is now referenced internally by their team as the benchmark for all future brochures and luxury projects.

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